Your Guide to Gifting Gold Rings This Festive Season 

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The festive season is a time for grand celebrations, countless Mithai preparations, and the coming together of family. What makes the season even sweeter are the surprise gifts exchanged and the delighted smiles shared. At this moment, however, you must be in the midst of finalizing your gift list for all these events. But don’t worry, you’re not late! This is the perfect time to start ticking items off the list as there are multiple Dhanteras offers and Diwali offers just around the corner!  

So, ensure that you make the best of them with our guide to gifting the perfect gold rings this festive season. 

Things to Keep in Mind 

Before you begin browsing options, it’s best to factor in a few things so that they make your search easier and ensure that your selection is special. 

Personal Tastes & Preferences 

The most important factor in gifting gold rings is the personality of the recipient. Are they more into minimalist styles or do they love every big trend? Have you noticed that they have an affinity towards rose gold or yellow gold? Or is white gold more to their tastes?  

Also, try to examine their wardrobe too. Notice what color palettes they wear most often so that your gold ring’s tone can complement most of their outfits. 


Another key point to consider is the kind of lifestyle and activities your loved one indulges in. Are they the outdoorsy kind? If so, we’d recommend that you go for 18k gold rings, as they are much better suited for all the adventures that come their way. 

In terms of events, do a lot of their social gatherings involve formal work events or cocktail evenings with close friends?  

If it’s the first one, a neat yet bold design would best suit their needs. And if it’s the latter option, your answer lies in cocktail gold rings! 


Don’t forget to check their ring size! You can do this by measuring the inside of a ring from their jewel collection. Be sure to map the measurements to the size chart of the website, so as to make sure you get the perfect fit. If you can, try to take the old gold ring design to the store, this way, the staff can assure that you get the best fit. 


It’s best to set a budget when it comes to gifting fine jewelry. This way, you can search within proper confines and get the best value for your gold rings. 

Set a budget depending on the type of gold ring design you want to go for. If you want plain gold rings, you can find designs starting from around $64 to around $1000. If you’re looking for a gold ring design with gemstones or diamonds, the range would begin at approximately $120 and go all the way up to $12000 and above. Therefore, make sure to set a budget that you are comfortable with. 

Our Curation of Gold Rings for Gifting 

Gold rings are an extra special way to let someone know just how much they mean to you. And it’s best to give your loved one something unique that stands true to who they are.  

So, here are some hand-picked options of varying budgets that are sure to make a mark.

Floral Radiance Ring

A lush bloom molded in 18 Karat yellow gold. 

Geometric Cutout Men’s Ring

Concentric 18 Karat gold cutouts that display a darker, bold metal below. 

Marquise Motifs Ring

Alternate elements of elegance crafted with rose gold and diamonds. 

Nautical Emblem Men’s Ring

Rhodium accents surround a marine motif in this creation of 22 Karat yellow gold. 

Diamond Swirls Ring

Delightful wintery swirls of diamonds encrusted on 18 Karat yellow gold.

Dual Beauty Diamond Ring

Intertwined circles of white and rose gold gracefully display rows of diamonds. 

Petaled Brilliance Cocktail Ring

The picturesque beauty of nature is crafted in 18 Karat rose gold and stunning gemstones. 

Mirrored Cocktail Ring

A stunning display of diamonds held together on a radiant frame of 18 Karat yellow gold. 


Go ahead and give your Dhanteras gift items a little sparkle this season with a stunning piece of gold jewelry. And may your festivities be marked by a whole lot of luck, prosperity, and brilliance! 

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