Why Traditional Gold Pendants Are a Must-Have in Your Collection 

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When it comes to traditional jewelry, most often, people go in for necklaces or earrings. They seem like the easiest way to make a statement. But what people don’t realize is that they’re missing out on an integral, versatile jewel that is often overlooked and underrated – the Gold Pendant. Especially in today’s fashion scene, pendants are significant now more than ever when it comes to sophisticated styling that aims to display a more curated taste rather than loud statements. 

Now, you might be wondering why the sudden spotlight on gold pendants. Well, we’re going to break it down for you and help you get your jewelry collection ready in time for Dhanteras and Diwali! 

The Different Types of Artisanal Works 

To start off with, when it comes to traditional pendants, it’s important to consider the different types of artworks that go into creating these designs. In comparison to a contemporary gold pendant, a traditional one holds a lot more value due to its craft. They allow you to experiment with design techniques without having to fully invest in a whole set. Also, they can perfectly capture festive elements and motifs without having to be overly heavy or grand. 

You can find designs in works of Enamel, Filigree, and Kundan, and also Temple jewelry designs with Antique gold finishes. This type of variety and rarity is hard to find when it comes to the global market, making your gold pendant one that is unique and holds a story.  

Whichever part of the world you travel to, these gold pendant designs, and their artworks will be unique as they hold 100s of years’ worth of refined techniques that are not easy to replicate. 

The Ease of Owning Pendants 

If you’re someone taking the plunge for the first time and treating yourself to fine jewelry, a gold pendant is a good way to go. You get to indulge without a hefty price tag and work out which metal and gemstones suit you along with which craft techniques you are drawn to the most.  

Rise of Festive and Social Events  

These days, almost every festival is celebrated, and every milestone becomes a social event. With all the upcoming occasions, you’re bound to run out of variety in your jewelry. This is where traditional gold pendants shine. You get to pick multiple designs and do not have to spend as you would with other conventional necklaces or earrings. In fact, some gold small pendant sets are perfect for celebratory dinners, festive brunches, and even cocktail evenings. 

A New Kind of Heirloom 

 While a lot of heirloom designs tend to be grand, they miss out on catering to daily wear and simpler occasions. After all, you can’t show up to brunch with that grand 3-tier gold necklace you inherited! So, adding a few gold pendants to your collection would make it a much-appreciated versatile selection that would come in use for all occasions.  

Curated Designs for You to Consider 

If you’re now on the hunt for some stunning traditional pendants to add to your Dhanteras gift items list or are looking to build your collection further, you can take inspiration from our trending best sellers below. 

Garnet Round Gold Pendant Set

Emerald and Pearl Gold Pendant

Gold Bar Pendant

Verdant Gold Pendant Set

Tiger Claw Temple Gold Pendant


Each jewelry design caters to a specific need, and the gold pendant is one such jewel that perfectly fits all occasions without being too over-the-top or understated. It somehow manages to balance the act of grandness and subtly with perfection. If you’re considering buying gold jewelry this festive season, we suggest going with a Dhanteras offer or a Diwali offer to make the most of your purchase. You can also check out our Best Deals page for the best prices on distinguished designs! 

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