Diamond Rings Based On Her Dream Wedding

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There are many ways to approach buying diamond engagement rings and one of the best ways to do so is by understanding your partner’s tastes. Surely, by now you may have noted her preferences and gotten a rough idea about what kind of aesthetics she is drawn to. And if not, we’re here to show you the easiest indicator that could help you pick a ring; the type of Wedding Aesthetics she appreciates.

We have broken down some of the most loved wedding aesthetics below and paired them with befitting diamond rings to help you get all the inspiration you need on this exciting journey! 


Wooden chairs, industrial decor interspersed with greens, and a surprising burst of elegant lighting. If a Rustic wedding is what your partner appreciates, then this steady rose gold diamond ring would be a perfect fit for your nuptials.

Surrounded by 2 halos of dainty diamonds is a solitaire that signifies how your love can stand the test of time. Crafted in 18 Karat White and Rose Gold, nothing says rustic romance like this radiant ring. 


If your better half is someone who enjoys formal dinners, has a keen eye for luxury decor, and loves an excuse to go full-glam, a Black-tie wedding is surely in the cards! 

This bold and refined ring is bound to match her style. Crafted in opulent yellow gold, this design features three rows of diamonds on either side and two brilliant diamonds at the center, emblematic of the bond you both share.


Abstract art, contemplative designs, and smooth, sublime finishes make for stunning wedding decor in the world of minimalism. Should your partner be someone who has her heart set on such aesthetics, diamond engagement rings for women like the one below would suit her fancy. 

Crowned with three distinctive diamonds and surrounded by sparkling swirls, this 18 Karat white gold wonder strikes the perfect balance by being minimalistic in design, and dramatic in its brilliance. 


What better way to be married than in the midst of nature? A garden wedding is highly admired by someone who is bound to make this celebration an artsy affair. From delicate lamps to verdant vines, this aesthetic is defined by nature lovers, hence, diamond rings like the one below are a great way to express your love. 

Showcasing a mix of pear and round-shaped diamonds, the looping rose gold petals of this design make it one of the most unique diamond engagement rings for women to come by.


From movies to books to pop-culture references, if your partner loves a good work of fiction, she deserves a diamond ring that is sure to be iconic. So, we suggest a design type that has been appreciated by celebs and even royals! 

Pristine white gold holds together this elegant ring that houses an emerald-cut green gemstone with diamond embellishments on either side. 


Classic looks have always been in style and if your significant other tends to pursue styles more than trends, this is one of those rare diamond rings that is sure to speak to her. 

Nothing says Classic like the combination of a brilliantly bold solitaire and warm yellow gold. Enveloped in a gentle swirl, this stunning creation is a testament to traditional craftsmanship and innovative design. 

An ode to bygone eras and defining decades, a vintage-themed wedding certainly has a flair for storytelling. Diamond rings for such an occasion should equally match the intricacy and planning it takes to pull this aesthetic. Our suggestion would be to go for diamond engagement rings for women that showcase regal elements, paisley motifs, or even thoroughly traditional designs. 

This stunning rose gold ring is encrusted with round cut diamonds on its scintillating arches that engulf an independent pattern of baguette diamonds at the heart. 


Finding the perfect diamond ring to declare your love can be a daunting task. We hope that this blog made it a little easier for you with its various inspirations of diamond engagement rings for women. 

If you want to learn more about picking the perfect diamond engagement ring, you can explore our Diamond Guide for further information on making the right purchase. 

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