Stunning Jewelry That Make Spectacular Gifts

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Nestled into every woman’s jewelry box are a plethora of designs, each with a beautiful story and emotional significance.

Some may be heirlooms, others gifts celebrating milestones. Some “borrowed” from a sibling, others acts of self love. No matter the backstory, the jewelry a woman adorns are an extension of her personality and therefore are picked with careful consideration.

So, dear reader, if you’re this far into the blog, you’re probably looking to gift a woman in your life jewelry. An engagement ring, a necklace or even just a simple gold chain to show your love. Whatever the case, below are some of our suggestions, and some points to keep in mind, whilst you look for the perfect gift.

A Brilliant Pair

We don’t believe in the cliche that diamonds can be one’s best friend. We do believe that diamonds invoke a sense of elegance and awe within women. When they adorn it, their beauty is elevated and the occasion made more brilliant.

So if you’re looking to shop for a pair of diamond earrings, keep in mind where they are going to be worn, and how often they will be worn. Take the Tanishq earrings below for example. They’re a stunning play of colors with gold flourishes to create timeless pairs that can be worn for an elegant dinner or gala. It may not be jewelry one would wear every day, but it is a design one would cherish forever.

So answer these questions and then take a step back and look at not one, or two but at least three earrings side by side. You will be able to clearly envision the woman you’re gifting, wearing at least one of these pieces. We’d suggest you go with that instinct.

Every Day, Elevated

Sometimes, even the most every day ensembles are made spectacular with unique jewelry. Take the diamond and gold necklace for example. Its delicate design is simple at first glance, but its diamond motifs add a glorious flourish.

It’s simple, understated elegance that is sure to stand out in the ensemble.

So if you’re considering gifting a necklace like this, do consider what are some of the most common necklines worn by the woman the gift is intended for. After that, consider if she likes coloured stones, diamonds or any specific gem and make your choice.

A Touch of Tradition

Sometimes the most perfect gift can be jewelry that is a reflection of tradition. Gold that is molded to capture the echo of one’s heritage. A product that is truly special in its crafting.

The bangle below is one such piece. Its antique design is elegant, with Kundan work standing out at its heart. If you’re considering gifting bangles like these, we would suggest exploring our range and making a choice. Most of Tanishq’s jewelry are made in the image of heritage and the perfect gift is sure to exist. You’ve just got to explore.

Jewelry and women are always going to have a very unique relationship. The truth is, the perfect gift is only perfect if it echoes who she is, in its design. So whether you’re shopping at our jewelry store, or online take your time.

Explore our range, ask all your questions and find a gift that speaks to you. We have an endless range for you to choose from, so go ahead and dive right in. Happy gifting.

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