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Be it a gold bracelet, a set of rings stacked on your hand, a beautifully designed necklace or earrings that add some shimmer, we believe every day is an excuse to adorn some spectacular jewelry.With this in mind, we bring you our range of every day jewelry. Designs in gold, diamond, coloured stones and more, each adding a flourish to those meetings, earrings, lunches and more. But if you aren’t sure what to buy next, we hope this blog gives you some suggestions. Below are some of creations and why we believe they are perfect.


When it comes to rings, there are those who wear the same ring every day and those who change it up. Regardless of how you wear your rings, we suggest you get one of each because it’s always a good idea to have options.

Take the above rings, for example. You have white gold and diamond ring that will go with every ensemble. With this, you don’t have to worry about the jewel clashing or going invisible. The white gold and diamond take care of both those concerns. 

Then there’s the second ring. A pop of color to brighten up your ensemble with ease. A piece that when looked at, is sure to put a smile on your face. Its bright purple and green gems perfectly complement each other, while diamonds add a sense of extravagance. This is the every day stunner everyone is sure to love.


Whether you’re wearing a polished formal shirt or a delicate every day top, a pendant can complete your look with ease. Adding a touch of sophistication, like never before.

For instance, the pendants above are delicate, and yet, make a statement. While one can debate adorning a necklace with certain outfits, these pendants are a happy medium that go with everything. Their simple design is elevated by diamonds or coloured stone, these every day pendants are a great way to modernize any outfit without ever wondering if it’s too much.So the next time you’re shopping at our jewellery store, feel free to explore our range of pendants. 


Earrings are possibly one of those jewelry pieces that every woman adorns. They mix them up, match them to ensembles, give them to loved ones and most importantly, pass them down generations. 

At Tanishq, we’ve heard countless stories of daughters and sisters recounting with warmth a pair of earrings they’ve seen on a parent. While we are talking about every day earrings here, these every day jewels have the power to leave an everlasting mark on those around you, which is why it’s important to pick a pair that truly speaks to you. 

A jewel that will become your go-to, every day. 

No matter what you’re doing in the day, the jewels you adorn tell the world that you’re living in your own skin. That you adorn your personality with pride, and these jewels albeit every day designs are just as special.

At Tanishq, these are emotions we try to capture in our creations. Tanishq diamond earrings, bracelet, nosepin, and more are our way of being beside you as you thrive through your day.

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