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Be it a delicate pair of gold earrings that transition from day to night, or that a diamond finger ring that holds every one’s gaze, the modern women of today fall in love with jewelry in their own way.

Every jewel tells a very special story.

When it comes to the jewels of the modern woman, stunning design is important, but a jewel that can perfectly mark  your special moments with a quiet grace and touch of tradition, is even more so.

Be it the diamond necklace that was bought for an anniversary and gifted in advance our of excitement, or the 22 karat gold ring that went from graduation present to wardrobe staple, every Tanishq design adorned by the modern woman, tells her story.

Every jewel captures tradition.

The truth is, we at Tanishq are very proud of the way we make our jewels. Our Karighars’ hands are experienced, and some have been with us for generations. Our designers constantly seek inspiration from the world around us and reimagine them against the glisten and shimmer of gold and diamonds.

But, why is this important to the progressive woman who loves jewelry? Because the jewels one adorns are only as special as the hands that make them. We know that if a design can capture your heritage, even in the smallest way, you will cherish it forever.

So the next time you’re at our Iselin store, explore our range, feel free to ask questions about the collection, the techniques, the inspirations. And get ready to be amazed.

Every Jewel echoes India in a special way.

Traditional jewelry has its own charm. Sure it’s perfect for a lehenga, and an Indian bash, but it’s also more than that. 

It’s heirloom worthy. It is a magnificent reminder of all the reasons one falls in love with India. And every time it is adorned, the connection between one’s heritage and the present gets stronger. 

So be it a Kasu Malai, a Vanki, a Kundan set or more, every jewel is made in the image of Indian heritage, and we’re sure you will fall in love.

While we have been in the business of jewelry for decades, we at Tanishq like to believe we help women find the perfect way to express who they are to the world. After all, what is jewelry? If not a brilliant form of self expression? So then next time you’re at our store, take your time. Find the right jewel. Fall in love with it, and make it yours forever.

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