The Perfect Diamond Ring & Why It’s So Hard to Find.

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The Perfect Diamond Ring is, to some, an heirloom passed down over generations. To others, a striking design seen on the red carpet or even a case of serendipity, where a certain glint from the store display made an everlasting impression. In short, from our years of speaking to customers, the Perfect Diamond Ring remains undefined. It is one that captures the heart and makes you forget all others. 

However, finding it is not an easy task. The ring you love in your 20s may not be the one you want in the years ahead. Or you may have a certain design in mind, and when trying it out, realize that it isn’t all that you imagined. So, rushing to buy the first design you like may not be the best choice.  

We recommend that you explore a bit, go beyond your usual favorites and try out a large variety of styles. To help you on this journey, we bring you some of the most exciting trends in 2024 for diamond rings. 

2024’s Trends in Diamond Rings 

Posh Pearls 

Diamonds and pearls have always been an elegant combination. When put together, these two natural elements have the power to elevate any outfit to one of sophistication and utmost grace. No wonder they have been the favorites of some of the most iconic celebrities and royals. 

The Accompanying Diamonds 

Sometimes the perfect diamond ring does not need to have a diamond at the center. It can be one that subtly brings out the preciousness of the design, while also allowing some color to take stage. Diamond rings with colored gemstones bring the perfect amount of balance and novelty to an outfit. Consider your gemstone depending on the color palettes you wear and the type of activities your day involves. Do keep in mind the hardness of the gemstone if you’re looking to wear it daily. 

Maximalism à la Mode 

2024 is a year to step out of the world of minimalist muses and go over the top. Stacking, layers, larger than life designs and bling on bling is in! If this is your kind of trend, we suggest going for bold, heavily embellished diamond rings. What more can sum up maximalism than a piece of such opulence? 

Another reason why finding the perfect diamond ring is so hard to find, is that you get to choose from even more cuts now! Some of the more contemporary styles of cuts like the Coffin Cut, Rectangular Princess Cut, Heart (Brilliant Cut), Trilliant Cut, Criss Cut, Crushed Ice make the whole process more confusing. The key here is to try them out, view them under different lightings and also keep in mind the band style. Once you have these key points in consideration, you should be able to narrow down on a choice that you truly cherish. 

So, the hunt for the perfect diamond ring isn’t quite straightforward. It can take time, exploration, keeping an open mind and a fair bit of reading before you finally find the one. You must also consider the diamond ring price; sometimes, new cuts or more challenging designs could cost more and give you a lesser caratage. Even when picking out a diamond ring for men, it’s very important to consider personal choice and lifestyle. For the perfect diamond ring is the one that serves as a reminder of all that you value. 

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