The Importance of Modern Heirlooms & Diamond Rings That Befit Them 

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Heirlooms hold their own charm. Be it a simple ring your grandmother chose to wear daily, or a grand piece that is taken out only on special occasions; they are more than just objects. They are bearers of memories and stories. For they hold within them the essence of their past wearers and become open books for those who inherit them, to add their own tales. Each time you adorn an heirloom, you carry with you a part of your heritage.

Sooner or later, you too will get your chance to contribute to this history of treasures. So, for your turn, how about refreshing the curation a bit and adding a contemporary touch to tradition?

Say Hello to Modern Heirlooms

Modern heirlooms, a trend that you will be hearing a lot about in the years to come, balance the need for sentimentality, design, versatility and functionality; a feat that was quite hard to achieve back in the old days. This is why people are turning towards new-age jewels and investing in them to create a differentiated collection for their future generations.

There are 3 important factors that make up an Heirloom – valuable craftsmanship, design story/history and the ability of the piece in concern to stand the test of time. Each of these can be found today. The key here is that, to qualify as a modern heirloom, your jewels must be carefully picked to echo your tastes and personality. One easy way to add a personal touch is to have your neo-heirlooms engraved with meaningful messages, dates or symbols.

But where does one begin with this curation? We suggest, Diamond Rings.

Diamond rings are the easiest way to invest in a jewel that holds great value but isn’t as heavy as other types of jewelry. Diamond rings as modern heirlooms are great, as you can wear them often, even daily, unlike traditional heirlooms like heavy polki sets, diamond drop earrings or tennis bracelets. Caring for them is easier too and the ability to switch them often is also an added plus point!

Ladies Diamond Ring Designs for Your Modern Heirloom Collection

Now that we’ve told you why diamond rings make for the perfect modern heirlooms, dive into a special curation of some of the finest designs that will make for everlasting treasures.

Play with Pearls

Pearls are perfect for when you want to flaunt your collection. This unique ladies diamond ring showcases 2 of them placed opposite each other with an abstract knot of marquise and round diamonds at the center.

Invest in Something Intricate

Reminiscent of old palatial art, this diamond ring for women displays a bold, blue stone that rests below a stunning floral frame of rose gold and is surrounded by a halo of diamonds. This is a design that works well with traditional attire and formal western attire.

Try a Touch of Tradition

Crafted with a radiant polki gem at the heart, a pear-shaped halo of diamonds is surrounded by magenta details. A breath-taking diamond ring, priceless in its craftsmanship. This design will be cherished for special occasions and celebrations.

Go Classic with Diamonds

There’s nothing more classic than a jewel that is thoroughly embellished with diamonds. With swirls of gold that unfurl into marquise shaped motifs, this diamond ring for women is a lovely floral adornment that can be worn as a luxury staple for all ensembles.

While Modern Heirlooms are taking off as a massive trend, we recommend that you take the time to consider what type of collection you want to create and then get to work on carefully selecting your jewelry. If you want to complement your modern heirloom diamond rings with some more sparkle, we suggest exploring our diamond jewelry collection.

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