Why a Gold Pendant Is a Fashion Staple

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The pendant necklace is becoming increasingly popular lately. Be it with the Y2K trend revival or at Fashion Week, it seems to be a rising staple everywhere. So, how did this accessory gain its fame in the world of fashion? This week, we’re bringing you a deep dive into gold pendants and what makes them such coveted pieces of jewelry.

History of Pendants

The practice of wearing pendants goes all the way back to the Stone Age when pendants of stones, shells, and other trinkets were worn. Later, in the times of Ancient Egypt, they held a religious and auspicious significance. But sometime around the 16th Century, pendants started to serve more of a decorative purpose rather than a religious one. New forms of art had developed and led to different aesthetics of pedants that ranged from baroque to minimalist designs. They became adornments for both men and women and increasingly held sentimental value, as they were personal jewels.

The idea that the pendant necklace holds personal significance carried on well into today’s times. The gold pendant has taken center stage for this as it is not only precious but can stand the test of time and be worn daily for a fashionable touch to outfits.

Some more reasons why we are seeing a rise in popularity of the gold pendant necklace are:

· Versatility – Your pendant can be contemporary or traditional, simple or grand, either way, it can go with multiple outfits. So, it truly is a style statement that you can make in different ways!

· Personality – With pendants, you can add personal significance to jewelry. You get to show what ideas, symbols, thoughts, and more represent you. Be it the initial of your loved one or a planet that you love – gold pendants are jewelry that you can make your own.

· Dainty Feel – Sometimes, necklaces can be quite bold and heavy in their look. Pendant necklaces are the perfect solution for when you want jewelry that is precious yet not overstated.

· Easy for Styling and Stacking – This is the biggest factor that is making the pendant necklace a trending jewel in the world of fashion. Being able to style and layer your other necklaces long with a pendant necklace makes it a must-have in every jewelry collection.

Gold Pendant Trends of 2023

Having seen the versatility that pendant necklaces bring to your fashion game, here are some gold pendant necklace trends that you can look at incorporating into your looks.

· Chokers: Perfect for outfits with a sweetheart neckline, chokers with pendants can be worn for a slightly grand look. You can go for geometric designs and open-neck chokers for this season.

· Layers: The evergreen trend of layering a pendant necklace with multiple others is still here. You can look at layers of different lengths, thicknesses, and themes. Note that layers work really well with strapless and off-shoulder outfits.

· Customized Designs: Go a step further and forge a jewel in the design of your dreams. Personalized gold pendants are pieces of luxury that speak of your tastes.

· Enamel Work – Enamel pendants have been gaining more importance. From evil eye designs to pop-culture icons etched in enamel, this trend of the pendant necklace is steady in luxury fashion.

· Pearls – Lately, quite a few brands and designers have been incorporating pearl motifs in their creations. From pearl chokers to pendants, you can layer this trend or wear it as a stand-alone piece.

Traditional – A mix and match of traditional and contemporary is a favorite among Bollywood celebrities. Look for ornate Temple designs, paisley motifs, and more to replicate this trend. Remember that solid-colored outfits help these designs stand out better!

Fashion trends continue to change with the seasons, however, staple jewelry pieces tend to always dominate with their timeless style. The gold pendant necklace is one such jewel that has been around since early ages but has altered with the times. The above trends are some highlights of the year, but we would encourage you to keep exploring and creating your own trends! And if you want to know more about gold jewelry, feel free to browse our blog section for some inspiration.

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