How to Style Your Outfits with Gold Jewelry

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We understand the effort it takes in putting together an outfit.

And we also get that no matter how perfect the outfit, without complementing jewelry, it can feel incomplete. It feels as if each jewel seems to have a unique characteristic that adds to one’s aura. Hence, when paired with an ensemble, it instantly elevates it and tells a captivating story of creativity.

When it comes to styling jewelry, it’s all about exploring different trends and creating some of your own. But since there are countless looks that you may cater to, we thought that we could make it a little easier by breaking them down into broad categories.

Contemporary Outfits

When it comes to pairing jewelry with contemporary ensembles, play with white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. For tone, keep in mind that browns, blacks and greens go well with yellow gold. Whereas rose gold sits wonderfully on creams, blues and greys, and white gold pairs beautifully with deeper shades of reds, blues and purples.

For single-colored outfits, you can go with sleeker designs and even stack them in layers. Prints on the other hand can be styled with a thicker, bold design that ties together the look and amps it up.

Skin tone also plays a role when selecting your metal. For cooler skin tones, white gold works well in accentuating your features. If you are a warmer tone, you may find that yellow and rose gold are best at highlighting your beauty.

Indo-Western Outfits

Indo-western styles have been all the rage with celebrities lately. And styling jewelry for such outfits is all about mixing and matching.

You can look at wearing traditional Indian gold jewelry with Westen outfits. For example, a regal gold choker with a tank top and a printed blazer or a vibrant haram with a Banarasi skirt and a formal shirt. Such styles strike a great balance and bring a whimsical element to a classic look.

The ever-trending Pant-saree on the other hand can be worn with an opulent diamond necklace or an intricately crafted waist belt. You can also style it with broad, gold bangles encrusted with vivid gemstones and ornate motifs.

Traditional Outfits

Traditionals often call for grand jewels, and we agree that such outfits deserve no less!

The perfect adornment for Sarees would be ornate gold jewelry designs that accentuate your neck. Depending on the pattern of your blouse, you can select a choker or a longer necklace. You can also consider pairing a choker with a longer necklace, for deeper necklines. If you want to bring in some South Indian elegance, consider adding a waist belt to your look.

When it comes to Lehengas, look for gold designs that involve Polki or Kundan motifs. For an extra splash of color and royalty, you can also add jewelry with detailed enamel work to your outfit. For special events, nothing compares to the allure of diamond-studded gold jewelry. Look for sets that have unique designs; they could be traditional or have hints of contemporary glamour.

Be it traditional, contemporary or indo-western, whatever the outfit, know that the perfect jewel for it is the one that makes you feel your best. Because buying a jewel goes beyond design, it is the resonance that you feel with its elements and its story.

Remember, there are no fixed rules. So, feel free to explore multiple styles and don’t shy away from
experimenting with different designs. We hope to continue to bring you more insights on how to best
style your jewelry. And if you found this helpful, do share your ensembles with us, tagging @tanishqusa
across social media.
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